Longhorn Steakhouse Menu Prices 2017

Searching for Longhorn Steakhouse Menu Prices for 2017? On this page, you will find virtually everything you need to know concerning Longhorn Steakhouse menu prices, but also nutrition facts for your meal, Longhorn Steakhouse catering services, opening hours for different eatery joints, fast food outlets and fun facts about the restaurant. We have gathered all the information from the source itself and simplified everything.

LongHorn Steakhouse Menu PricesThe Longhorn Steakhouse Menu Prices are listed below. Longhorn Steakhouse is hands down one of the best fast food restaurant in the United States. They serve great food at the lowest prices and add excellent hospitality to the service. If there is any restaurant that deserves an award, it is Longhorn Steakhouse, exclusively for the different varieties of lip-smacking steak; but it should not stop there! Their all-inclusive menu that comprises of the finest cuisines and beverages should serve as a template for others to emulate.

The Longhorn SteakHouse Menu Prices are very affordable. With mouthwatering ribs, chicken, salmon, lobster, shrimp and salads to mention but a few, you will definitely be craving for more even before you are done with your food. Longhorn’s 370 outlets in 35 states are a clear indication of why the restaurant has become a huge household name in such a short time. Their food varieties are convenient for any meal- from lunch to dinner. As a result, there is no reason why you should not treat the whole family to an exquisite meal at the restaurant for an outing. For both meals, you can savor the thought of Spicy Chicken Bites, Chili Cheese Fries, Crispy Jalapeno Shooters, Sweet Corn Fritters and Housemade Kettle Chips as your entrees.

Longhorn Steakhouse Menu Prices

Do you want to take a look at the Longhorn Steakhouse Menu Prices, before visiting the restaurant itself? On this page, you will find a breakdown of Longhorn Steakhouse Menu Prices. The list comprises of the most recent updates of menu prices. We have everything summarized in one page for your convenience.


Lunch Menu

Spicy Chicken Bites$4.99
Housemade Kettle Chips$3.49
Sweet Corn Fritters$3.99
Crispy Jalapeno Shooters$4.49
Chilli Cheese Fries$6.49
Shrimp & Avocado Stack$5.99
Wild West Shrimp$9.49
Housemade Spicy Wings$8.49
Sweet Chili Calamari$8.49
Texas Tonion$7.79
Firecracker Chicken Wraps$8.49
Grilled White Cheddar Stuffed Mushrooms$6.79
Parmesan Crusted Asparagus$6.99
White Cheddar & Bacon Dip (NEW!)$7.49
Crab & Artichoke Dip$9.99
Brew Pub Pretzel$6.99
Spinach Dip$7.49
Best of LongHorn Sampler$10.99
Sampler: Wild West Shrimp, Stuffed Mushrooms and Firecracker Chicken wraps
$7 Combo Hearty Soups & Salads
Choice of either Mixed Green Salad or Caesar Salad with one of the soups below
Shrimp & Lobster Chowder & Salad Combo$7.00
French Onion Soup & Salad Combo$7.00
Broccoli Asiago Soup & Salad Combo$7.00
$8 Combo Steakhouse Burger & Chicken
Choice of either Mixed Green Salad, Caesar Salad or Bowl of Soup. Also select one of the following: Half Grilled Chicken & Strawberry Salad, Half Grilled Chicken & Avocado Sandwich, or Third-Pound Steakhouse Burger
Grilled Chicken & Strawberry Salad Combo$8.00
Half Grilled Chicken & Avocado Sandwich Combo$8.00
Third-Pound Steakhouse Cheeseburger* Combo$8.00
$9 Combo Steakhouse Bacon Burger & Steak Sandwich
Choice of either Mixed Green Salad, Caesar Salad or Bowl of Soup. Also select one of the following: Half Steak & Bacon Cheddar Melt, Third-Pound Bacon & Cheddar Burger, or Half Shaved Prime Rib Sandwich
Half Steak & Bacon Cheddar Melt Combo$9.00
Third-Pound Bacon & Cheddar Burger* Combo$9.00
Half Shaved Prime Rib Sandwich Combo$9.00
Grilled Chicken & Strawberry Salad $11.49
Sirloin Blue Rigde Wedge Salad$12.49
7-Pepper Sirloin Salad$12.29
Farm Fresh Field GreensStarting at $9.79
LongHorn Caesar SaladStarting at $9.79
Grilled Salmon Salad$12.49
Broccoli Asiago Cheddar Soup$5.49
Mushroom Truffle Bisque$5.29
Shrimp & Lobster Chowder$5.29
Loaded Baked Potato Soup$5.29
French Onion Soup$5.29
Mixed Green Or Caesar Salad$3.99
Steak & Bacon Cheddar Melt$10.99
Rocky Top Chicken$10.79
Sirloin Chimichurri$9.99
Grilled Chicken & Avocado$8.79
Shaved Prime Rib$11.99
Upgrade to Parmesan Garlic fries for $0.99
Primetime Burger$13.99
Black & Bleu$9.99
Bacon & Cheddar$9.99
Steakhouse Burger$9.29
Longhorn Gourmet Burger$10.99

Legendary Steaks

Served with your choice of side and unlimited freshly baked Honey Wheat bread.
Flat Iron Steak$13.29
Steak Frites$14.99
New York Strip (10 oz.)$19.49
Flo's FiletStarting at $17.49
Chop Steak (10 oz.)$11.29
Country Fried Steak$9.99
Renegade Sirloin (6 oz.)$10.99
Renegade Sirloin (8 oz.)$12.99
Renegade Sirloin (11 oz.)$15.99
Longhorn Porterhouse$27.49
Outlaw Ribeye (18 oz.)$24.99
Fire-Grilled T-Bone$23.49
Flo's Filet & Lobster Tail$27.49
Add a Hand-Chopped Salad for $2.99
Parmesan Crusted Chicken$10.99
Napa Grilled Chicken $10.49
Baby Back Ribs$12.99
Longhorn Salmon (7 oz.)$13.99
Chop Steak$11.79
Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders$9.99
Four Cheese Pasta$9.99
Four Cheese Pasta (Add Grilled Chicken)$12.99
Four Cheese Pasta (Add Shrimp & Lobster)$15.99
Spinach Feta Chicken$9.99
Redrock Grilled Shrimp$11.99

Steakhouse Sides

Substitute a signature side or signature salad for a additional $1.59
Loaded Idaho Baked Potato$2.99
Fresh Steamed Broccoli$2.99
Seasoned French Fries$2.99
Fresh Green Beans$2.99
Seasoned Rice Pilaf$2.99
Mashed Potatoes$2.99
Sweet Potato with Cinnamon Sugar & Butter$2.99
Parmesan Creamed Spinach$4.79
Pecan Praline Sweet Potato Casserole$4.79
Parmesan Mushroom Risotto$3.99
Fresh Grilled Asparagus$3.99
Steakhouse Mac & Cheese$3.99
Winter Brie$5.49
Strawberry & Pecan$5.49
Chocolate Stampede$8.49
Black Forrest Cherry Lava Cake$6.99
Bourbon Pecan Tart$6.99
Bannas Foster Cheesecake$7.49
Molten Lava Cake$6.49
Key Lime Pie$5.79
Ultimate Brownie Sundae$6.49
Mountain Top Cheesecake$6.79
Caramel Apple Goldrush$7.29
Longhorn Dessert Sampler$9.49
Sweet Bites
Banana Cream Pie$3.49
Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake$3.49
Cinnamon Carrot Cake$3.49
Orange, Apple, and Cranberry Juices, Milk, Chocolate Milk, Bottled Spring Water, IBC Root Beer
Blackberry Iced Tea, Raspberry Iced Tea, White Peach Iced Tea, Strawberry Lemonade, Minute Maid Lemonade, Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Pibb Xtra, Iced Tea, Hot Tea, and Coffee

Starters Dinner

Housemade Kettle Chips$3.49
Sweet Corn Fritters$3.99
Crispy Jalapeno Shooters$4.49
Spicy Chicken Bites$4.99
Shrimp & Avocado Stack$5.99
Wild West Shrimp$9.49
Best Of Longhorn Sampler$10.99
Housemade Spicy Wings$8.49
Sweet Chili Calamari$8.49
Brew Pub Pretzel Sticks$6.29
Texas Tonion$7.79
Spinach Dip$6.79
Parmesan Crusted Asparagus$6.99
Grilled White Cheddar Stuffed Mushrooms$7.99
Firecracker Chicken Wraps$8.49
Longhorn Shrimp & Lobster Dip$9.49
Mushroom Truffle Bisque (Bowl)$5.29
Loaded Baked Potato Soup (Bowl)$5.29
French Onion Soup (Bowl)$5.29
Shrimp & Lobster Chowder (Bowl)$5.29
Substitute a signature salad with your entree for a additional $1.59
Hand-Chopped Salads
Mixed Green Salad$4.29
Casar Salad$4.29
Signature Salads
Winter Brie Salad$5.49
Strawberry & Pecan Salad$5.49

Chef's Showcase

Champagne Lobster Filet (New!) - 6oz.$23.99
Champagne Lobster Filet (New!) - 8oz.$26.99
Bourbon Molasses Pork Tenderloin (New!)$16.99

Legendary Steaks

Served with choice of side, salad & unlimited freshly baked Honey Wheat bread
Renegade Sirloin (6 oz.)$11.99
Renegade Sirloin (8 oz.)$14.49
Renegade Sirloin (11 oz.)$17.49
Prime Rub (6 oz.)$16.99
Prime Rub (8 oz.)$20.49
Prime Rub (11 oz.)$23.99
Renegade Sirloin & Redrock Grilled Shrimp or Flo's Filet (6 oz.)$16.99
Renegade Sirloin & Redrock Grilled Shrimp or Flo's Filet (Filet 6 oz.)$24.49
Flo's Filet (6 oz.)$19.49
Flo's Filet (8 oz.)$22.49
New York Strip (10 oz.)$19.49
Ribeye (11 oz.)$19.79
White Cheddar & Bacon Stuffed Filet (6 oz.)$21.49
Fire-Grilled T-Bone (16 oz.)$23.49
Outlaw Ribeye (18 oz.)$24.99
Longhorn Porterhouse (20 oz.)$27.49
Flo's Filet & Lobster Tail (6 oz.)$27.49
Porterhouse For 2 (30 oz.)$42.99

LongHorn Steak Additions

Parmesan Cheese Crust$1.00
Blue Cheese Crust$1.00
Sauteed Onions & Mushrooms$3.29
Sauteed Mushrooms$3.49
Grilled Shrimp$5.99
Baby Back Ribs$6.99
Lobster Tail$9.49
Housemade Sizzling Steak Sauce$1.99


Longhorn Salmon (7 oz.)$16.99
Longhorn Salmon (10 oz.)$19.49
Brown Butter Lemon Tilapia & Grilled Shrimp (New!)$16.49
Redrock Grilled Shrimp$16.99


Parmesan Crusted Chicken (Lighter portion)$13.99
Parmesan Crusted Chicken (Full portion)$15.99
Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders (Lighter portion)$11.99
Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders (Full portion)$13.99
Napa Grilled Chicken$13.79
Spinach Feta Chicken$13.49

Ribs, Chops & More

Baby Back Ribs (Half-Rack)$15.99
Baby Back Ribs (Full-Rack)$19.99
Four Cheese Pasta (New!)$10.99
Four Cheese Pasta (New!) - Add Grilled Chicken$13.99
Four Cheese Pasta (New!) - Add Shrimp & Lobster$16.99
Chop Steak (10 oz.)$14.29
Country Fried Steak (New!)$13.99
Cowboy Pork Chops (8 oz.)$15.79

Light & Flavorful (New)

Add a Hand-Chopped mixed green or Caesar salad for $2.99
Grilled Tilapia With Mango Salsa$13.99
Balsamic-Raspberry Seared Chicken$12.49
Rosemary Cabernet Filet$17.99

Steakhouse Salads

Grilled Chicken & Strawberry$12.99
Grilled Chicken Winter Brie$12.99
7-Pepper Sirloin$14.79

Burgers & Sandwiches

Primetime Burger$13.99
Black & Bleu Burger$11.79
Steakhouse Burger$10.79
Rocky Top Chicken Sandwich$11.49
Shaved Prime Rib Sandwich$12.99
Grilled Chicken & Avocado Sandwich$11.99

Steakhouse Sides

Parmesan Mushroom Risotto$3.99
Fresh Grilled Asparagus$3.99
Steakhouse Mac & Cheese$3.99
Winter Brie$5.49
Strawberry & Pecan$5.49
Loaded Idaho Baked Potato$2.99
Sweet Potato with Cinnamon Sugar & Butter$2.99
Fresh Steamed Broccoli$2.99
Fresh Green Beans$2.99
Seasoned French Fries$2.99
Seasoned Rice Pilaf$2.99
Mashed Potatoes$2.99
Mixed Green$4.29

These prices should only be used as a template when you want to visit the restaurant. The reason being, different restaurants have varying prices, which differ slightly in accordance to the operational costs associated with running the diner in dissimilar locations.

Longhorn Steakhouse Catering Services

Longhorn Steakhouse Menu Prices specialsNothing says good food better than the Longhorn Steakhouse menu. There is something for everyone, from the kids, millennials to adults. Unfortunately, the Longhorn Catering prices are not available on their website. To find what you need, contact longhorn Steakhouse customer support team.


Longhorn Steakhouse Nutrition Facts

Longhorn Steakhouse does not compromise on healthy food either. If you are interested in knowing how much you are benefiting from the food you eat at the restaurant, here are some Longhorn Steakhouse nutrition insights.

Fun Facts about Longhorn Steakhouse

  • The first location for the Longhorn Steakhouse was formerly an antique store and later a porn peep show place.
  • Longhorn Steakhouse has 435 locations in 35 states. Some of its locations are in Puerto Rico.
  • The restaurant rose to fame because of a Snowstorm in 1982, which crippled the transportation system in the area. At the time, McKerrow used to sell $1 drinks to stranded motorists.
  • Longhorn steakhouse restaurant has offered food donations worth more than 12.5 million pounds since 2007.
  • All Longhorn restaurants have a unique Western/Texan theme, which is visible in all its outlets.

Longhorn Steakhouse Hours of operations

Longhorn Steakhouse outlets are open every day of the week. The restaurant opens for lunch at 11:00 a.m. and dinner is always served at 4:00 p.m. onwards. The closing hours from Sunday to Thursday are at 10:00 p.m. but Fridays, the restaurant extends up to 11:00 p.m. Nonetheless, the closing hours vary from one location to another and you need to keep tabs with the outlet near you to know the exact closing time. The restaurant is usually closed during Christmas and Thanksgiving so that staff can spend some time with their family.

LongHorn Steakhouse Locations

Longhorn steakhouse menu prices specials locations

Are you looking for a Longhorn Steakhouse Restaurant? Use the Longhorn Steakhouse Restaurant Locator. It is as easy as the click of a button.

Longhorn Steakhouse history

Longhorn Steakhouse has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 1981 in Atlanta, Georgia. The inspiration behind the restaurant was one man’s desire for the perfect steak. At first, it was hard to convince people about the idea with only a handful of guests making it to restaurant. The tides changed in 1982, when Atlanta was hit by a freak snowstorm. This developed an attraction to what was the only hospitable place at the time, the Longhorn Steakhouse & Saloon presently Longhorn Steakhouse Restaurant.
From one man’s dream of a restaurant offering the perfect steak, Longhorn Steakhouse grew to become a flagship eatery joint, expanding its wings in different locations. By 2007, it had changed its name to Longhorn Steakhouse with branches in the East, Midwest and Southwest regions of the United States and Puerto Rico. Over time, the menu changed, and presently you can enjoy over 30 different meal combinations. The restaurant ownership has also changed hands a couple of times, but the current owner is Darden Restaurant, Inc.